Three and a half years ago I started working at the Department of Quantitative Linguistics, University of Tübingen. My new field of research was articulography, a method to monitor and record the movement of the tongue and lips during speech production.

Together with my colleagues Denis Arnold and Martijn Wieling, we made a movie to advertise for our experiments. Recently, I found the movie again on youtube:

Word counts and phonetic counts

More and more phoneticians, as I do,  rely on measures of experience, such as frequency of occurrences, in their investigations. I have been struggling with these for the last three years and ended up with a fairly easy accessible data base of frequencies for word forms and phones and biphones (phonotactic frequencies) for German.  It is based on CELEX and the SDEWAC corpus.

The database can be accessed here and a description here. How to cite the database is included in the description. Thanks for sharing and citing.

R manuscript updated

I updated some passages on scripting in R.  RLOGOIn addition, I included a new chapter on writing functions. The chapter also tackles how to write your code step by step.
I also included a table of contents with hyperlinks, which allows you to go directly to the chapter/section of your interest. Finally, I started an index.

Check it out here! Share it, if you like it!