Fictional Writing

Fictional writing

In my free time I try to be a passionate writer, focusing on science fiction short stories. Simultaneously, I am co-editor and proofreader for the Exodus Magazin.

So far, I have published the following stories for which you can download a short appetizer.

All these stories, written in German, appeared in story magazines whose editors work in their free time. None of them is paid for their work. (I know that, I am one these editors for the Exodus Magazin). If you like the story, I therefore invite you to purchase the magazine it appeared in. By purchasing the journal, you will support the journal and the our hard effort.

Boatpeople, appeared in Exodus Magazin #31
Interrogation, appeared in Exodus Magazin #33
Das letzte Gefecht der Atacama, appeared in Nova Magazin #24
Spectaculum Veritatis Homini, appeared in Exodus Magazin #35

I hold the rights for all the stories and their content.

Links to the magazines
Exodus Magazin
Nova Magazin


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