About me

I consider myself a Phonetician, although I am interested in everything which is related with language. I am currently affiliated with the Quantitative Linguistics Department, headed by R. Harald Baayen.

My main research area deals with how linguistic experience affects articulation. By means of linguistic experience I mean everything that can be parameterized by word counts, contextual probability, or even parameterized by the Naive Discriminative Learner, a model which simulates learning.

In my current project I focus on effects of morphology, i.e. how higher level linguistic structures affect the coordination of articulatory gestures.  This project is affiliated with the Research Unit Spoken Morphology, headed by Ingo Plag, University of Düsseldorf (http://www.spoken-morphology.hhu.de).

I use Electromagnetic Articulography and focus on analyzing articulation by means of Generalized Additive Mixed-Models, a non-linear regression technique.
As side projects,  I investigate spectro-temporal characteristics of speech in speech corpora and study reading in parafoveal areas by means of eye tracking.

I also simulate learning of sound contrasts using the Naive Discriminative Learner. This project is done in association with SimPhon.net, a network of researchers investigating usage-based approaches, computational modeling and simulation studies in phonetics and phonology, headed by Daniel Duran.