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R scripting tutorial / scripting introduction (PDF)

RLOGOI still remember how hard it was for me to learn R scripting, especially how hard it was to come up with solutions to allegedly simple problems.
This is why I decided to write an introduction to R scripting showing you how to write R scripts on your own. The manuscript targets specifically people who want to learn how to write some simple scripts. I do so by showing how to clean and preprocess a linguistic corpus for deeper statistical analysis.
Also, I provide an introduction how to script simulations using error-driven learning.

This is not an introduction on how to analyze data, but an introduction on how to program R scripts. If you have any suggestions, what should be in it, please write me.
The manuscript is work in progress! It is far from perfect, finished or ready. Stuff might not work, please be patient. Nevertheless it shows a good deal of how R is working.

Managing Collinearity in Multi-Variate Analysis

Together with my colleagues Harald Baayen and Peter Hendrix, I published a paper on managing collinearity in the Journal of Phonetics called “Strategies for managing collinearity in multivariate linguistic data”.
The paper can be downloaded here.
The data and the scripts can be downloaded from my osf account here.

4 thoughts on “Useful material

  1. Hi Fabian,
    While looking for your paper on Variable selection I found your blog. Very nice, lot of cool stuff!
    Long life and all the rest,


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